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Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully.

*Warning Conditions: referring to Copyrights and the Knijf Trademark Company

Next to these terms and conditions, all provided information and media (images, videos, logos, etc) from Monique Horsman Designs website are copyrighted. No images are allowed to copy or re-publicize without permission of designer, Monique Horsman. All products are designed and manufactured by Monique Horsman. These products are registered with Knijf Trademark Company. If any violation has occurred, you will be face charges. Please respect the use of this website.

Terms and Conditions Monique Horsman Designs

All prices on are given in EURO and include VAT. Shipping costs are not included in the price and are calculated as an extra charge. Monique Horsman, designer of Monique Horsman Designs has the right to alter the prices at any time.


In order to make purchases through, you will be requested to register, which means providing us with personal information. Filling out the form does not oblige you to buy at any time. This order form will be sent automatically to Monique Horsman Designs will confirm the order by a written acceptance email that also answers the questions you might have. In this mail we inform you about the production time (the time it takes to create the design you buy), the date we will send your order and the estimated delivery day.

Monique Horsman Designs will send an invoice to the customer.
Invoices are paid in advance on the bank account of Monique Horsman Designs:

Monique Horsman Designs

In Leidschendam, The Netherlands

Bank Number:



Monique Horsman Designs prefers for Non-EU customers payment by Pay-Pal. To see how to create an account, please go at Monique Horsman Designs is not responsible for Pay-Pal services.
We will process your order once we receive a receipt of your payment.


Please note that any purchases been made will take 2 to 3 weeks to be made. If the product that you purchased is in stock, you will receive the product within several days. Any questions or request about the duration can be contacted by the designer. The designer will not begin until the payment is completed.

When your order has been made, you will receive a confirmation email within two days. No delivery will be made until the payment is officially made and accepted. When your payment is confirmed, the ordered goods will be delivered within 2-4 weeks (depends on the product). Each product will specify the duration of the product. If the lead time is longer, it will be inform to you and you will still have the possibility to cancel. You are always contacted personally and notified about the deliveries whereabouts. Your order will be delivered to the address indicated on the order form. Any import taxes or customs fee according to your country’s policy is for account of the customer. Payments of taxes that are not carried out by the customer, the responsibility of Monique Horsman Designs could not be committed.


TNT Post or TNT Express services will deliver your order. Their estimated delivery date varies from 1 to 10 days according to the country. The order is delivered to you in person. For any reason, you rather use a different shipping company, please notify immediately when you sent your order. Be aware that shipping prices, handling costs and duration of delivery could vary.

Monique Horsman Designs is not held responsible for theft or loss during delivery. Is advisable:  to insure the package to avoid any issues. This will be at the expense of the customer. For any concerns, please contact by email at


Return and Exchange
If you wish to return a piece, you can do so by returning it unworn in the original box within 7 working days from the date you received the piece. You will receive a full refund within thirty days from the moment the piece is received. If you prefer, you can also exchange the piece for a different one, however, be aware of the differential costs.



Privacy Policy
When you register to the Monique Horsman Designs website, the provided information of the form, will be handled only by Monique Horsman, and will hold your information in a responsibly and a respectable manner.



Shipping Methods
Delivery fees depend on the size and the weight of the package. You will receive a final confirmation of the costs before proceeding to payment.

We can ship the goods using one of the three following ways:

In the Netherlands
Price depends on weight. Shipping time: 1 day.
In Europe
Price depends on weight. Shipping time: 4 days.
Outside Europe
Price depends on weight. Shipping time: 4 days +

Please consult FedEx for detailed information.
FedEx International Priority
Price: depending on weight Shipping time: depending on destination 2 to 4 days.
FedEx International First
Price: depending on weight Shipping time: guaranteed 24h service.


Please consult FedEx for detailed information.
UPS International Priority
Price: depending on weight Shipping time: depending on destination 2 to 4 days.
UPS International First
Price: depending on weight Shipping time: guaranteed 24h service.


Further information

If you have any questions regarding what was mentioned above, please contact the designer at for further information.

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