What payments do you accept?

Credit cards, European Debit cards, Paypal and iDeal are accepted.
Not responsiable for any additional costs from your bank.

Shopping Cart

What happens if the shopping cart is out of order or is not functioning?

By any chance, if the shopping cart seems to malfunction, please report the designer via email. You are welcome to place an order through email or even telephone. After acceptance of your order, an invoice will be be provided to you within 24 hours.


Can I use the images for research?

Any images/vidoes are copyrighted by Monique Horsman Designs. You may ask permission to the designer. However, if your request is denied and use the material without consent, you will be facing copyright charges. So please always ask!

Product and Materials

How long will it take for my product to arrive?

From any order, duration will take 2 to 4 weeks time. If the product is in stock, you will receive your product sooner.

Can I mix-up both precious metals, such as sterling silver 925 and 14k gold from the collecitons of Lolita or Isabella?

You can choose any way you would like. Whether it is 2 by 2 or 1 by 3. Any combination can be available. Please note that any desire pattern will be calulated by size and material.

Do you have only sterling silver 925 available?

Depending on which collection, but other precious metals can be requested. You can make a request order. Please note that this will imply different charges and extra delivery time.

From the Lolita & Isabella collections, what colors to you have?

At this moment we have 18 colors.

From the Nicola collection, how many swarovski crystal colors do you have available?

At this moment we have about 22 colors.

How can I request for a new color?

Requesting a color is always welcome. Please note that the color need to be selected and produced. Therefore taking up several extra weeks. Be assure that colors on computer screen tend to be slightly different to the actually piece.

How can I request for a differenct swarovski crystal color?

Asking a color is always welcome. Please note that the color needs to be arranged.Therefore it will take several weeks to get sorted.